A Guide to Arabia Culture

The Arabia Culture is a combination of Islamic art, Arabic language and Persian literature. The country’s culture is highly influenced by both the ancient Arab and Muslim cultures. The country is very conservative, deeply religious, traditional, and household-oriented. Many traditional attitudes and customs are hundreds of years old, stemming from Arab and Islamic history. They emphasize a sense of family honor, duty to God and fellow man, avoidance of idolatry, and a rejection of destructive innovations.

Mecca, the holy place for Muslims, attracts millions of foreign visitors every year. This city, which is Islam’s most important site, houses many mosques and other religious buildings as well as learning centers. However, the majority of visitors are attracted to the beautiful, elegant and luxurious Jeddah homes and hotels, which are located in an area known as the Maghain Abad, or the Medieval Square. Many of these Jeddah properties offer Saudis to their guests. Souvenirs of the Jeddah lifestyle, culture and arts can be found in the form of beautiful silks, rugs, carpets, and other articles. There are also souvenirs of local arts available, which include carpets, embroidery work, stone carving, jewelries, metalwork, and various types of sculpture.

The Jeddah region is also home to some of the wealthiest, most influential and famous residents in the world. Many wealthy people from all over the globe come to stay in Jeddah for the various business meetings and conferences, which take place throughout the year. The rich, eclectic cultural traditions and the high quality of life living in Jeddah attract scores of international tourists to Jeddah, many of whom stay in one of the Jeddah’s beautiful traditional ranches or hotels. Other visitors to the area include members of the royal family, foreign businessmen, foreigners on business and tourist visas.